Running your own business can be challenging and it’s not always easy to identify the route to success. The Entrepreneur Club is here to help. Our SME Diagnostic Tool will enable you to compare confidentially your business with similar businesses on a local and national level. You will receive valuable insight into your business, providing you with independent confirmation of the areas you excel and helping you identify those areas where change will create significant value.

The tool is designed to pinpoint the issues that really matter to your business and we will give you access to the expertise and support you need to drive it to the next level.


Our WebApp asks a series of questions about your business. It’s simple and intuitive and the only numbers you will be asked to provide are:

The number of employees
Last year’s turnover
Last year’s profit
Last year’s growth (percentage change in annual turnover from the previous year)
How much you expect your expert your annual turnover to grow in the current year

It will help you have these figures available before you start the WebApp. Other questions relate to the profile of your business which we will use to construct your benchmark matrix.

We will also use this information to construct your personal communication profile that will determine the content agenda for your monthly briefings, designed to inspire, educate and motivate you to seek out those growth opportunities and challenge the obstacles that constrain your potential.

However, in this world of information overload, communication will only act as a catalyst for change if it is timely and relevant. To deliver this, we need to work in partnership with you to ensure the programme is informed by a deep understanding of your circumstances and personalised to where you are on your journey.

We work in conjunction with an extensive network of external growth advisers and SME specialists, such as Elephants Child, who have been carefully selected by St. James's Place. The services provided by these specialists are separate and distinct to the services carried out by St. James's Place and include advice on how to grow your business and prepare your business for sale.

Sign up to the programme

We achieve this through a simple online questionnaire. This provides all the information we need to create your own personal communication profile; it will also help us understand your specific issues and how we may help you address them. Complete questionnaire to join today